Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Discuss why and in what ways young people have been treated Essay - 2

Discuss why and in what ways young people have been treated differently in the criminal justice system - Essay Example There are several reasons for treating younger people differently by the court of law. According to a leading researcher of United States National Institute of Mental Health; Jay Giedd, during adolescence the brain is not completely developed for making any kind of organizational or strategic decision making processes. Hence it is unfair to expect juveniles having adult levels of decision making or organizational skills. Human brains do not develop completely before 18 years. According to latest researches, it has been observed that teenagers are susceptible to surroundings. It is very clear that younger people have a sharp brain and they have the potential to learn things quickly compared to other age group people. Northern Ireland has a different and separate justice system for children between age group 10 to 17. Similarly many other countries have separate jurisdiction system for children and young people. It is believed that children and teenagers can obtain proper correction in rehab centres than in prison. Researchers have also mentioned that if young children are put to prison with adult criminals either they will become the victims in prison or else they will become worse depending on the surroundings they are exposed. This essay will discuss about the difference of criminal justice system and the reasons with respect to children. The public prosecution system and the police; both play important role during the execution of a criminal justice system. Police and prosecution system are responsible for providing substantial evidence before the court in order to prove whether a convict is guilty. In case of children the system and the procedure remains same however the liberty is more compared to adults. In many countries it has been observed that children and young convicts are allowed to speak in order to know their intentions. After the diversionary youth conference and the decision from PSNI in the year 2003, PPS have been given the

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